Why choose Lighthouse?
Safety & Quality
Creativity &
Meeting world-class safety standards
Lighthouse leads the way in LED screen technology WITH the highest levels of safety and quality. All our products are fully certified to CE, FCC, and ETL standards, as well as UL, which establishes and validates plastics flammability standards.
Systematic manufacturing management
Lighthouse adopts 6s management to create a competitive advantage and greater value by minimizing wastage, introducing more effective production process, and having a better allocation of resources. Lighthouse is also ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, and REACH and RoHS compliant.
Stringent QA process and scientific testing
Lighthouse led video panels undergo strict, systematic quality assurance procedures, with testing including but not limited to electromagnetic compatibility, IP, ICT, vibration, operations, and reliability, before leaving our manufacturing facilities.
First to introduce outdoor SMD LED screen to the market
Lighthouse introduced the outdoor SMD LED to the market and drove outdoor SMD led video display usage, which helped set a new standard in the led video display industry.
Traditional Oval LED
Outdoor SMD
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Higher brightness
  • More vivid color
  • Highly rated Ingress Protection
Impact Series
Customer-oriented designs
Lighthouse products are designed based on our customers’ needs. Our latest product—FLEXIBLE STRIP—is designed for easy installation with our easy mounting system, another good example of Lighthouse user-friendly design.
Flexible Strip
Innovative, Creative team of R&D, Manufacturing, and Technical Support
Lighthouse pursues ceaseless improvement and technological breakthroughs. Our professional teams strive for more effective, efficient ways to create, manufacture, install, and maintain our world-class products.
Lighthouse proprietary award-winning M5 Technology
M5 is our latest generation of onboard led processing solutions. Lighthouse M5 technology helps our customers control brightness uniformity and color consistency, while including an environmental monitoring system (EMS) for remote monitoring and diagnosing.
Without M5 Technology
With M5 Technology
Powerful 4K HD LCM processor
Our 4K HD LCM processor supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160, with 16-bit processing and communications for outstanding brightness, color contrast, and image quality, making it ideal for all applications. It requires only one LCM processor to support today’s largest screens.
16-bit color processing
16-bit processing depth provides over 281 trillion colors for smooth grayscale gradation.
10-bit color processing
16-bit color processing
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