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The Next Generation in LED processors for Rental Applications

Lighthouse Control Master (LCM) series is the next generation screen interface processor which includes the LCM-4KS and LCM-HDC. It is newly developed to bring unprecedented visual quality, flexibility, reliability and control to the LED display market.

The LCM-4KS features maximum 16-bit processing and communications for outstanding brightness, contrast color and image quality, making it ideal for all applications. With a combined scaler and processor, per pixel sizing control, auto addressing and support for resolutions up to 4096x2304, the LCM-4KS allows users to control larger and more complex screens with a small number of processors, making easier and more cost-effective to use.

The additional features of LCM-4KS including edge brightness adjustment for seam control to enhance the effect caused by mechanical tolerance, web software loaded enables the wireless control over it, as well as the Alert warning for remote monitoring.

The LCM-HDC offers the same control and flexibility as its younger sibling at resolutions up to 2048x1080, delivering cost-effective, top of its class image quality and performance.

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