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Lighthouse Control Master-HDP (LCM-HDP) series is the next generation screen interface processor. It is newly developed to bring unprecedented visual quality, flexibility, reliability and control to the LED display market.

The LCM-HDP features auto addressing and support for resolutions up to 2048x1080, maximum 16-bit processing and communications for outstanding brightness, contrast color and image quality, making it ideal for all applications.

  • Maximum 2048 x 1080 dots
  • 4 HD-SDI/SDI outputs as standards
  • Wide color reproduction via maximum 16-bit color processing
  • Proprietary color correction function
  • Maintenance information signal output
  • Signal output to external monitor
  • Control and setting through RS-232C, LAN or equipped remote controller (optional)
  • Firmware update via RS-232C or LAN
  • Gamma correction
  • Video display in a single screen or separate screens
  • FCC, CE, ETL and ROHS compliance

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